Purple Moon Design

Creative Works by Seattle Artist Stewart Wong

1886 Chinese Expulsion (A work in progress)

artist concept

Artist concept. Design not final.

Artist Statement

A planned public art installation documenting the Knights of Labor and ad hoc groups 1886 riotous effort to expel the Chinese from Seattle due to intense labor competition. The work will be sited at Alaskan Way South and South Washington adjacent to Compass Center. I am the commissioned project artist responsible for developing the art and design of the installation.

Considering recent news reports concerning attacks on the AAPI community, I am evermore compelled to continue in social justice work through my creativity to help address our continuing struggles and conflict and to be one of many voices in support of the community.

Commissioning Agency

Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience and the Chinese American Legacy Artwork Project Governing Committee (CALAP)


Seattle Waterfront