Purple Moon Design
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Sammamish Park & Ride
(Sound Transit & King County Metro)


"Woven Past : roots entwined"

Inspired by the natural history of the area where the Salish once gathered plant material to produce woven goods for trading. My concept's purpose serves to honor the fading craft.

Stewart Wong (2006)


The shelter platform pavers are Stewart's interpretation of traditional basket weaving patterns.

The Wind Sculpture disks each depict a hand and an eye - symbolic of the hand-eye coordination of the skilled weaver.

The lower panels of the shelter are patinaed bronze showing two different basket patterns.


The Artist
Benson Vess - the metal fabricator completes final touches on the Wind Sculpture truss.

February 16, The shelter arrives at
228th Ave & Issaquah - Pine Lake Road
in Sammamish

The graphic on the disk of the Wind Sculpture is the weaver's hand representing the handicraft of the artisan.

The image in the hand is depicting a coiled basket base.

The background pattern is a plaited checkerboard weave.

The artist puts finishing touches to the wood rattlers. The rattlers are replicas of wood bark shredding tools used to work the cedar bark into strands for weaving. Made from stone, whale bone or yew wood, these interpretations are in cedar.
The shelter glass is screened with images of cedar fronds. Two sheets of glass are fused together so the screened design is protected. Withes were stripped from the branch and the bark removed. The withes, roots and inner bark where used for creating woven products.